Candidate Referral Program

How the process works.

Step 01

Refer an individual for a
position at RCS

Step 02

Email the referral

Step 03

Receive $500 if the candidate is hired
per the guidelines below

For questions about the program, please email or call 704.940.5916

Program Details
  • Duration of the program is indefinite, but may be terminated at any time without notice by RCS.
  • In the case of multiple referrals of the same candidate, the individual submitting the earliest qualified candidate will receive the bonus payment.
  • Referred candidates must accept full-time employment within six months of being referred. These positions do not include seasonal hires, internships, part-time or temporary positions (less than six months).
  • Referred candidates must not currently be employed by RCS Corporation, subsidiaries or by current clients.
  • Candidates who have already been contacted by RCS Corporation within six months of being submitted are not eligible.
  • RCS Corporation will determine if your candidate meets the eligibility requirements.
  • Once your submittal is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and an RCS Corporation Recruiter will contact the referred candidate via email and/or phone to continue the process.
  • If your referral is hired, RCS will notify you to coordinate the bonus payment.
  • All referral bonus payment will be reported for tax purposes.
  • All recipients of bonus payments who are not RCS employees will receive a 1099 form for Federal Income Tax purposes.
  • Referral bonuses will be paid after 90 calendar days of employment.

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