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Flexible, customized and low cost.


RCS Corporation offers flexible, customized and low cost payroll services delivered by an experienced and talented team of Human Resources professionals who will quickly respond to your requests. All employment responsibilities move from your desk to ours, freeing you of the burden of managing contract workers.

Our Payroll Services team is flexible, creative and understands your business. They will work with you to customize our processes to meet your on-boarding, off-boarding and payroll processing needs.

We guarantee employees are hired in a timely manner and that all contract requirements are met to the fullest satisfaction. We are experts in multi-state payroll processing, per diem administration and contractor employment. RCS processes payroll in-house with flexible payroll cycles and offers direct deposit.

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When You Know Who You Want To Hire

RCS Corporation serves as the Employer of Record and pays your pre-identified contract workers as W-2 employees. Pre-identified contractors can include retirees, former employees, consultants, interns, contingent workers or project-based temporary workers. As Employer of Record, we process payroll, pay all applicable taxes, provide benefits, HR support and provide all statutory and client required insurances, including workers compensation and general liability coverage.

How This Works

RCS manages the on-boarding paperwork electronically, including employment agreements, employment eligibility and enrollment documents. We customize the process to include client required pre-employment screenings and policies. Our streamlined and efficient process facilitates a smooth and quick on-boarding. When the contractor’s assignment ends, RCS manages all off-boarding tasks.

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